“The Rise of the Dones”

Recently, I read an article by Thom Schultz called “The Rise of the Dones”.  The article  does an amazing job of describing one of the groups of people that LK10 is called to serve. Who are the Dones? This term, coined by sociologist, Josh Parker, describes a growing group of people who have for years been […]

LK10 and same sex attraction

The LK10 Community is committed to nurturing and multiplying “vibrant families of Jesus” around the world.  That simple short phrase is packed with meaning.   Families.  Every church mentioned in the New Testament met in a home and functioned like a small spiritual family.  We are committed to restoring this view of church because we […]

NBC News Reports on the House Church Movement

More and more the media is catching on to the house church movement. Last night (10/21/10), Brian Williams on NBC’s Nightly News reported that, at a time when the Crystal Cathedral in California is filing for bankruptcy, 9% of American Protestants now attend only house church. This is an estimated 6-12 million people. (See the […]

10:2b Story (Part Three)

Great comment from Carolyn Spence (Clovis, NM) in response to Mike Deaton‘s interview in yesterday’s post: OK, agreed! We need the opportunity to see it practised. My mother (89 years young) cried to experience the very tiny taste of our gathering in Clovis with MRT members from Albuquerque and Colorado saying, “now I see what […]

Every home a church

The motto of the Chinese housechurch movement is: *Every home a church*Every believer a church planter*Every church building a training center Sean and Jessica Hyatt, in Aurora, CO used the CO2 concept to live this out in their home. Here’s Sean’s description… My wife and I participated in the October experiment by CO2’ing together that […]

SASHET at breakfast

This is from my friend, Ken, in California… Hey John, I just wanted to tell you that my five year old reminds us to do SASHET around the breakfast table every morning. It has been good for us as a family. Clearly, SASHET is not just for adults. In fact, children seem instinctively to want […]

Kent Smith (1): Incarnations of God

From Kent Smith: Key Question: What would it take to see a vibrant family of Jesus in close reach—culturally and geographically—of every person on the planet? Why is this question key? Because it can focus our attention on what has God’s attention: a Bride who, in her many-splendored beauty, is made up of representatives of […]

CO2 Day Twenty Six: Redefining church

This is from Lori Teft in Michigan: “This is the most exciting thing to be a part of, and it is redefining church in a major way! I have enjoyed getting to know my LK10 friend from this area as my listening partner, and am finding it helpful in my journaling and listening time to […]