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The LK10 Community is made up of Jesus followers from around the world who are living out certain values and practices. We invite you to explore our website and see if you resonate with what you find here.

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    Free Church 101 Course

    Experience our two foundational spiritual rhythms in this interactive six week course. Over 5,000 people in ten countries have been impacted by this course or its equivalent.

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    “Church 101 is for both relationship building and training. It’s fantastic! … It completely changed my life! … A lot of people hear God for the first time.”



    The Leader 101 Course.

    Best practices for small group leaders. The next step after Church 101, this is in-depth training for men and women called to lead small groups (house churches, life groups, etc.).

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    “The LK10 Community helps us connect with people who are further down the road than us… Provided a platform to discuss questions and issues about church… The training through LK10 has changed every aspect of my life!”