MAGS: Master of Arts in Global Service

If you are drawn to the work of starting and nurturing vibrant families of Jesus, consider taking a next step in developing as a missional leader. LK10 has partnered with Abilene Christian University to offer world-class graduate training that allows you to stay where you are or join a cohort of fellow learners in any of seven cities. Click on the logo to find out more or contact Dr. Kent Smith at

Design Discovery

The Design Discovery process helps people uncover the core of how God has wired them, based on the good heart that God gave us as redeemed children of God. Design Discovery offers two different courses or tracks: 1.0 and 2.0. The 1.0 course helps people uncover the core of who they are and 2.0 helps them live out their God-given design—step by step after going through the first course. Design Discovery aligns itself with the LK10 values and beliefs in that it is based heavily off of the heart and there is close attention to God’s work in our lives, especially through listening prayer.