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An Exciting Experiment in Jesus-Led, Joy-Fueled Organization

Every time our leadership or operational teams gather, we function not only as colleagues, but as extended spiritual family, checking in from the heart and listening to Jesus. Our organization is experimental in nature, attempting to be primarily “flat” in hierarchy and to let Jesus lead through a process that is highly participatory and trusting of each other and of Jesus.

John White

Co-founder, Vision Champion

John is passionate about nurturing a self-propagating revolution of joy by seeing a vibrant family of Jesus in easy reach of everyone on earth.

God-given Design: discovers treasure (transformational concepts) and joyfully shares them with friends (the LK10 Community).

Dr. Kent Smith

Co-founder, Ecosystem Champion

Kent’s passion is to live in and for God’s joy while doing his part–no more and no less–to see a vibrant family of Jesus in close reach of everyone. In a lifetime of teaching and service, Kent has seen that vibrancy–the life of God in community–flourishes when the gift of each person is known and nourished in a maturing ecosystem of grace.

God-given Design: Kent thrives as an attention-payer, teacher and systems designer in LK10’s oversight and R&D teams.

Toni Daniels

Training Champion

Toni is passionate about seeing relational restoration in every level of society by awakening, inspiring and training emotional, spiritual ninja warriors.

God-given Design: Toni takes risks and spearheads experiments to find and implement the best pathways to fuel Jesus’ revolution of Joy.

Jim Mellon

Chief Financial Officer

Jim is passionate about seeing vibrant families of Jesus formed throughout the earth through house church planting. He also oversees the financial life of the organization.

Cathy Mellon

Board Member, Spiritual Mom

Passionate about encouraging and equipping the members of Christ’s Body for His purposes and callings in their lives, families and the harvest field.

God-given Design: spiritual mom

Solea Johnson

Hospitality Champion

Solea joyfully welcomes all who knock on LK10’s doors. She guides and accompanies them as they grow in maturity and joy through our training tracks and helps them maneuver any bumps along the way. Solea is passionate about nurturing a joyful community where all who come are able to discover the unearthed abundance that God has placed within them.

Hilary Kline

Communications Champion

Hilary is passionate about guiding others towards lifestyle change. Bridge-builder and curator for wondering souls.

God-given Design: loves a challenge, even if it’s risky.

Susan (Margee) Ramsey

Events Champion

Margee’s been there since Lk10’s beginnings. She’s fun-loving and passionate about seeing people discover Lk10 in new ways through conferences, book launches, and experimental initiatives.

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