Great comment from Carolyn Spence (Clovis, NM) in response to Mike Deaton‘s interview in yesterday’s post:

OK, agreed! We need the opportunity to see it practised. My mother (89 years young) cried to experience the very tiny taste of our gathering in Clovis with MRT members from Albuquerque and Colorado saying, “now I see what you mean“… If you are going to spread a virus, personal physical contact works best… Carolyn

Today, we have an interview with JoEtta Deaton. She tells a similar story. To paraphrase: “By visiting some of the house churches in Brighton (CO), I experienced a whole different paradigm of church. What I saw was church that flowed out of listening to Jesus. This was transformational and I want to begin to try this out when we go back to Virginia”.

(JW: This is the third of seven LK10 Practices. Church = a spiritual family focused on listening to Jesus.)

Now, listen to JoEtta tell the story in her own words below. Share with us your response to what she has to say.


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  1. It took me a while to figure out that Jesus is a better teacher than I am. How much more powerful is facilitating time with the Lord than in hours or preparation and presentation! I don’t want to ignore a stewardship of preparation and good teaching. With the realization that Jesus is present has come a shift in my dominant practice and role.

  2. Woo hoo! Thank you, Lord. I am so encouraged by groups listening to Jesus throughout the nation.

    I love this story from JoEtta. (She has a gift for storytelling!)

    Thanks (as always) John, for sharing these stories. Your work to write everyday is such an encouragement to us.

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