In the Luke Ten Community, we have a deep conviction that mission and ministry of all kinds flow from our listening to God. This is based on God’s prevenience. That is, that He is always at work before we come on the scene. Our job is not to “make something happen” but to see how He wants us to join Him in what He is doing.

In this video, Robbie James, who is both a church planter and a hospital chaplain in Brighton (CO), shares an experience of God’s guidance as he cared for a dying patient.

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  1. Is is good to bring the blessing of peace into every situation. It is so important to hear God. How can one ever pray boldly not having heard from Him?

    God can be limited by what we will expect from Him. If Robbie had believed it all depended on himself to make something happen, he would not have listened to what God was doing and would not have had the results that he did have.

    Since the power of God is available to us, and our responsiveness to Him gives results that are tangible and that benefit others, may we never limit what we hear Him say.

    One of my most inspiring books is “Adventures in God” by John Lake. His life was lived in dramatic response to a living God. Other books about this man often miss his acute hearing and seeing how God wants to move. This book was written by him, so it is revealed. Its amazing.

    We serve a Lord who was raised from the dead. We know He isn’t satisfied with how things happen here, and we know that He wants to impact our world with His own. May we boldly cooperate with Him in having His kingdom come, His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

    Blessings to all. Carolyn

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