Here are a few of your comments about “the path ahead”…

Mark Willis in Chicago, IL: This blog was a great concept – getting people to experiment with a spiritual discipline and reflect on the experience together. The videos and daily comments on this blog really catalyzed my thinking and got me off my butt and into action! Let’s do another experiment like this sometime.

Peg Batcheller in Albuquerque, NM: Just yesterday I did SASHET with a Mexican woman in the International District, and as we shared we wept together, and looked to God together. I sensed strongly that God will cause multiple CO2s to spring up in this part of Albuquerque an New Mexico in the coming months and years… John, I really appreciate you facilitating the thoughts and discussions. It gave me something to look forward to each day, whether I posted something or not. It helped me to feel that I’m not alone in this journey. How do we keep that going on a regular basis? Like Mark said, I liked being pointed toward the videos and comments that are available on LK10resources, or other links. I agree….. let’s do it again!.. or still!

Hobby Chapin in Brighton, CO: Our CO2s made a good effort in checking in, but found it difficult to listen daily. I encouraged them to continue through November trying to focus on listening to the Lord. At the end of the month we have seen a surge of listening in our group as a whole. I think CO2 would be a great place to continue this discipline while it is still new for most of us.
Keep the comments coming. We would love to hear from some of the rest of you about where we are to go from here with CO2s.

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