My approach to this blog is that I don’t post anything unless God gives me something. (Think John 5:19) And, recently He hasn’t given me much to post. But, my sense is that this is about to change.

See below for an interview with Robbie James who is a church planter in Brighton, CO and who is part of the Denver Leadership Team. This is another great story of a church (and churches) that is learning to listen to Jesus as the Head of the church. I especially love that they are developing what they call “a culture of honor”. You will also get a sense of the spontaneous church multiplication that is occurring north of Denver.

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  1. How precious is the love of God. Honor is the way God deals with us, and the way we need to deal with one another. Bethel church in Redding is one of the few traditional churches that teaches its people to move this way. All of us need to learn how to honor each other.

    The Lord has been telling me that because the sacrifice of Jesus covers us (its unlimited coverage) my place is to recognise only what God is doing in a person’s life, see what is there that is from Him and to honor Him by responding to it.

    We have always said that God is a gentleman, and now we can be one too.

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